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Beneficial Habits – The human Psyche is made up of three components – The Mind, The Body and The Soul. The good habits that you follow on a regular basis feed these three parts of our make up. i.e. healthy habits such as jogging and walking nourish the Body part of the psyche, Reading, learning and study add to our Mind part and spiritual habits such as having faith, being touched by a kindly act, happiness and listening to music add to the Soul part.

Some acts benefit all of the Psyche, others just effect one part, but the habits that you have slowly but surely nourish you as a person. In the habit code these habits are represented by the three colored arrows shown in a cyclic graphic. Each part of the psyche is represented by one color. The Mind is shown below in red
Mind Habits

Red = The Mind

Green = The Body

Blue = The Soul

As you go about your everyday life your Good habits slowly nourish these three parts of the Psyche. This is an accumulative energy and the more good habits you have the more that each of these three nodes benefits.

So the three parts of your psyche are fed energy from your habits continually, and this energy is accumulated.
Beneficial Habits