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It looks like I boobed on the description I have for psyche. In fact several times different people have called The Body, Mind Soul concept differently. It’s all part of the discovery of psychology I feel.

Doing some more research brought up Dr Carl Jung and his thoughts on the psychology of human beings. This brilliant post appeared that gives a good description of what Jung stated. I will have to read some of Jung’s work, but this post does gel with my way of thinking and says that Carl Jung thought that the human ‘Mind’ was made of three parts.

  • The Conscious part of the mind which is the part of your mind that is aware and sentient.
  • The Personal Unconscious – which is all of your stored memories. You can recall these into your conscious but reside in the unconscious.
  • The Collective Unconscious – which is the reservoir of the experiences of our species.

That last point is one to look at. For it agrees with what I feel. It is the small part of knowledge that is past down from generation to generation, from the very beginnings of life and is part of evolution.

You can find the post here The Collective Unconscious

You can also read about the collective unconscious and further info on Jung at wikipedia