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I talked about Carl Jung the other day and about the Collective Unconscious. I may have made a slight mistake in estimating the number of generations. Lets take a quick look at the maths again.

“A reservoir of the experiences of our species” is how Carl Jung explains the Collective Unconscious. I’m trying to make sense of this and have come up with this theory. Your parents pass down to you the color of your eyes and other genetic make up. They also pass down instinctual thought processes that are essential for you to take your first breath and to root for food. Also the emotions are passed down to you and these are brought out in the first few weeks of life. How instincts are passed down I do not know but are they not in essence memory programming from your parents.

If Instincts and Emotions can be passed down through the process of Life then why not imbedded memories. Can deep rooted memories from your parents be programmed into your subconscious.

Think about it, deja vu, the Sixth Sense and all other weird spiritual phenomena could be attributed to these deep rooted subconscious memories.

These Deep Rooted subconscious memories are blocked from the conscious but can be visualised in dreams, hypnosis and other ways of connecting with the subconscious.

I’ve gone off subject here. The other day I said that if ONE instinct, or Memory could be transfered from your parents all the way down your lineage (I’m talking all the way back to worms and amoebas) then there could be something in the region of 116 million subconscious thoughts or Programmes. I made a bit of a booboo though, I forgot that each generation is created by TWO parents.

The Collective Subconscious

In the diagram here, if we have THREE generations then we have the Collective Unconscious of 14 predecessors. This could get interesting. I’ll come back to this and let you think about the collective unconscious if we go back 3.7 Billion Years.