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Would you like to find out why following someone else’s plan never works?

You buy a course, read a book, watch a DVD.
It shows you a plan that someone followed to become successful. They finally had a breakthrough of their cycle of procrastination, and now (through their plan) they have more money, a better way of life, fast cars, beautiful women. They have improved in some way and now they’re trying to teach that method to you.

You’ll know from experience though, that following the plan of someone else does not normally work.

Why is this?

Well, personally, I think it’s because the person teaching you the new method should teach you what they have done from BIRTH! See, for someone to be in the same state of mind when following the course, you need to have all the experiences as the teacher.

This is not a recipe to bake a cake! you are trying to get someone to change their HABITS and that, I’m afraid, comes under the influence of your sub-conscious mind.

As soon as you realize that Personal Development comes from your change of habits, and this is controlled DIRECTLY from your sub-conscious, you will have the foundation to do anything you wish.

Convincing your sub-conscious mind is the key, and the habit code will show you the 7 methods of controlling your subconscious mind.