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Orison Swett Marden’s ‘Pushing To The Front’ arrived yesterday. A tattered, leatherbound book. I can justĀ imagine theĀ people that have held it. I’ve quickly read through the book (it is nearly 900 pages) and the habit code is s l o w l y falling into place. Sheesh… if I’d have known it was going to take this long I’d have been pleased. You see, Napoleon Hill toiled for 30 years to bring out Law Of Success. But even he got the foundation of his philosophy from other authors like Swett Marden.

The habit theme does cross over from Marden to Hill, in fact, there is a whole chapter on Habit within Pushing To The Front. There is another on The Habit Of Hapiness. All good stuff. All going into the final book, whenever that is finished.

It is amazing reading the book too and seeing where Hill got some of his ideas from. Marden writes about Concentrated Energy, Enthusiasm, Persistence, Decision, One Unwavering Aim, Power of Suggestion, Doing More than Paid For and a whole host of other realated chapters that remind me so much of Napoleon Hill. Oh, before I forget, there is another chapter on “The Self Improvement Habit.”

Marden wrote countless books in his time, I think I’m going to get a few more and see what Habits I can draw from his other books. His ‘success magazine’ is another source of information that I will be pursuing too.