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Cosmic Habitforce. What is it really?

Napoleon Hill describes it so:

“Cosmic Habitforce is the greatest of all natural laws. It is Nature’s comptroller through which all other natural laws are coordinated.”

However you think the universe was created, you cannot deny the underlying march of time and the precise way that all things within the universe seem connected. The creation of stars, galaxies, planets and ultimately life seems to be on automatic pilot. Whether you believe in a God or not you cannot deny the sheer beauty of the way the laws of nature work and how they all seem to mesh perfectly, stopping for nobody.

Nothing is needed to keep the universe on it’s course, it does so without a care, as if it was a clock so perfectly ballanced, that it needed the mere first winding to set it on it’s way.

As nature set it’s physical laws it also set it’s biological ones, the absolute continuation of life and how it evolves to match any change in it’s surroundings, again, automatically, and without any external help. Habit is a neccessity of life, and habitation seems to be a mechanism where the changes in an environment for a species causes a habit to form. This habit formation causes brain patterns to be hard wired, and this in turn causes habits to become heredetery. The passing of one habit to the next generation can help the next generation to survive, it allows for changes in evolution.

Cosmic Habitforce is the law that fixes habits. It is the conductor that keeps the universe in time but changing all the time, making sure that everything evolves, that night follows day, that oaks will come of acorns, that life will evolve and thrive to it’s natural environment.