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As we go through life we have experiences, Successes, failures, crisis, happy experiences, sad experiences. If we could measure these experiences and ‘collect’ them, they would, as a whole be the makeup of you. The experiences you have influence you and everything you do. Imagine that you could measure them over your lifetime so that you have a measure of your experiences as they effect the three components of the Mind Body and Soul. You would get something like this:

Experience Collectors

The amount of experiences, good or bad, in each of the three parts of the psyche, make up your character. For example if you have had a particularly happy childhood and then measured your ‘collectors’ at the point of adolescence your Good experiences collector would look like the following:

Good Experiences
Now this isn’t a perfect situation because you have an imbalance in all three parts between your Good Experiences and your Bad Experiences. Balance is a good thing. The difference shown on the diagram shows a weakness that can then have an effect if we experience some sort of a crisis that effects one of the three parts.