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Ok, So you are here to discover the Andrew Carnegie Secret the Famous Industrialist Andrew Carnegie told to Napoleon Hill in their Interview at Carnegie’s house in 1908. If NOT I suggest you CLOSE THIS PAGE IMMEDIATELY.

Napoleon Hill States that it is better to discover the secret for yourself. If you have read the book a few times and still can’t find the answers then read on!

Note that this is only my personal interpretation, but it is based on a four year study of Napoleon Hill’s writings.

Napoleon Hill was a young newspaper reporter, sent on an assignment to interview Andrew Carnegie, who was the richest person in the world at the time.

Although those that know what was actually said in the interview are no longer with us, from reading Napoleon Hill’s Work you get some of the clues to the philosophy, and to what parts are the keystones to the whole philosophy.

Here are just some of the clues.

1: In Think and Grow Rich – “The Master Mind principle, or rather the economic feature of it, was first called to my attention by Andrew Carnegie, over twenty-five years ago. Discovery of this principle was responsible for the choice of my life’s work.

2: Throughout Think And Grow Rich – The stories that Hill uses contain obvious use of The Master Mind Principle.

* Andrew Carnegie and his staff of 50 men. Experts in their own field.
* Napoleon Hill and his Son learning to hear again. (remember a mastermind can be achieved with just 2 minds)
* The Signing Of The Declaration Of Independence.
* Henry Ford and his masterly use of a master mind to supply him specialized knowledge.
* The formation of United States Steel Corporation by Charles M. Schwab.
* The Story Of Gandhi.
* Napoleon Hill’s Imaginary Master Mind in the chapter on the sixth sense.


“Analyze the record of any man who has accumulated a great fortune, and many of those who have accumulated modest fortunes, and you will find that they have either consciously, or unconsciously, employed the ‘master mind’ principle.”


3. In Law Of Success – “In This introduction you will find a description of a newly discovered law of psychology that is the very foundation stone of all outstanding personal acheivements. I refer to this as the Master Mind”


” Many a man who never knows the real source of his success, is made by his wife, through application of the Master Mind.”


“It is believed by many scientists…that the law of the master mind is the basis of practically all of the more important achievements resulting from group or cooperative effort”


“Nearly twenty years ago I interviewed Mr. Carnegie for the purpose of writing a story about him. During the interview I asked him to what he attributed his success. With a merry little twinkle in his eyes he said:

“Young man, before I answer your question will you please define your term ‘success’?”

After waiting until he saw that I was somewhat embarrassed by his request he continued:

“By success you have reference to my money, have you not?”

I assured him that money was the term by which most people measured success, and he then said:

“Oh, well – if you wish to know how I got my money – if that is what you call success – I will answer your question by saying that we have a master mind here in our business, and that mind is made up of more than a score of men who constitute my personal staff of superintendents and managers and accountants and chemists and other necessary types.

No one person in this group is the master mind of which I speak, but the sum total of the minds in the group, co-ordinated, organized and directed to a definite end in a spirit of harmonious co-operation is the power that got my money for me. No two minds in the group are exactly alike, but each man in the group does the thing that he is supposed to do and he does it better than any other person in the world could do it.”

Then and there the seed out of which this course has been developed was sown in my mind, but that seed did not take root or germinate until later. This interview marked the beginning of years of research which led, finally, to the discovery of the principle of psychology described in the Introductory Lesson as the Master Mind.

I heard all that Mr. Carnegie said, but it took the knowledge gained from many years of subsequent contact with the business world to enable me to assimilate that which he said and clearly grasp and understand the principle back of it, which was nothing more nor less than the principle of organized effort upon which this course on the Law of Success is founded.

Carnegie’s group of men constituted a Master Mind and that mind was so well organized, so well co-ordinated, so powerful, that it could have accumulated millions of dollars for Mr. Carnegie in practically any sort of endeavor of a commercial or industrial nature. The steel business in which that mind was engaged was but an incident in connection with the accumulation of the Carnegie wealth.

The same wealth could have been accumulated had the Master Mind been directed in the coal business or the banking business or the grocery business, for the reason that back of the mind was power – that sort of power which you may have when you shall have organized the faculties of your own mind and allied yourself with other well organized minds for the attainment of a definite chief aim in life.”


Within Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill states that there are TWO parts to the secret. Well, my understanding on that is that you must have a Definite Cheif Aim. This DOES NOT need to be your final life’s goal. It just needs to be a normal goal. The big secret is that you must get emotionally attached to it.

“Big Deal” – I hear you say.

This is where I think most people fall down on the whole Think and Grow Rich formula. You must get emotional about your goal.

Now, I’m not talking about getting a bit excited. I’m not talking about urging, or wishing, shouting, screaming or even jumping up and down emotional. I mean you have to get emotional “as if someone had tied a concrete ball around your neck and thrown you into the Fishermans Wharf” emotional.

On a scale of 1 – 10 (10 being drowning) The closer you are to a 10 the better. It depends on your DESIRE. How much you want something. A 1 is when your just wishing for something, because it might be nice to have. A 10 is when your life depends on it.

When you think about it…when you really think about the Secret in Think and Grow Rich, it is all about your subconscious. Well , not just yours, but the subconscious of your Master Mind group too.

The reason you need to get emotional is this – ONLY Emotionalized thoughts have any ACTION influence upon the subconscious mind. The more Emotion you can mix with a thought, the more your subconscious will take action on that thought.

This can be achieved SLOWLY using the principle of AUTOSUGGESTION Or it can happen quickly such as when having a breakdown, crisis, accident or even when being super emotionally charged.

A Perfect Example
For an example that shows the secret in all it’s glory I refer back to a story that Napoleon Hill tells in Law Of Success. It starts with Napoleon Hill making a trip to Lumberport, West Virginia.

At the time of his visit the interurban electric train line did not make it all the way to Lumberport, but stopped three miles away.

The remainder of the distance had to be covered by foot. Unfortunately that afternoon the rains came down and Napoleon Hill had a dreadful long trudge through deep yellow mud, to get to his destination.

Now imagine if you will the emotion and the state of mind as Nap Hill dragged himself three miles through the pouring rain, and mud.

Do you think he was emotionally charged?

Absolutely! With anger, admittedly, but he was probably boiling up this emotion for an hour or more.

When he eventually reaches the town of Lumberport, sodden, muddy and exhausted, he bumps into the cashier of the Lumberport Bank and strikes up a conversation as to why the line has not been built…
To cut a long story short Napoleon Hill gets so het up about the fact that the trolley line does not come all the way into the town of Lumberport that he finds out the reasons why there is no line into town.

He then sets his Definite Major Purpose there and then – To get the streetcar line built. This would be no mean task – because the cost of building the line and bridge was un-economical. Or so it seemed.

Now, did Napoleon Hill go to his hotel and use Autosuggestion to get his subconscious mind working. NO!. (His subconscious was already on the case because he was already EMOTIONAL about the cause)…

He made plans there and then and within 24 hours had got together a MASTER MIND of the towns People, The Mayor, The Divisional Superintendent of The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Company.

After meetings with all concerned he Convinced the three main parties involved that it was in their interests to get the line built (again USING The MASTER MIND Principle).

Within 3 weeks the contracts were signed. Within Two Months construction had begun, and three months after that, the first streetcars were running into Lumberport! Amazing.


So, in conlusion the major parts of the Carnegie Secret are as follows:

1. Convincing YOUR Subconcious Mind Of a Goal or Definite Chief Aim.
2. Convincing The Subconscious Mind of your MASTER MIND group to accomplish your goal.

ALL Other parts of the philosophy are to reinforce these two ideas and act as a feedback system.