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Having read all of Napoleon Hill’s books, his magazines and other peoples ideas on the Principles Of Success within Think and Grow Rich, I’ve finally come to a conclusion of what Hill is was so eloquently saying.

There are two major principles within Think And Grow Rich that stand out far and above anything else mentioned.
In fact, if you read between the lines, and sometimes between the books (i.e. read some of Hill’s earlier and later works) Hill leaves some clues to what the Key parts of his philosophy are.

Now, Hill states that it is better if you discover the secret yourself, and I believe that to be true. I’ve seen so many different answers to the Carniegie secret that what’s important is that you try to find it for yourself. You get such an emotional boost when you discover it for yourself that it can be the motivator to change your life from that moment on.

If on the other hand you’ve read Think and Grow Rich several times and still seem to miss the point then continue to the end of this post.

Before you do though, think about this. Even though Napoleon Hill interviewed 500 of the worlds richest people, and also thousands of others who were not rich, it took him many years to distill down the formula of what it is that makes someone a success. He also DID NOT practice what he preached. He did leave a few clues about the REAL motivating factors that cause people to succeed.

He left some clues to it in his many books. What bugs me is that he didn’t bring these to the attention of people. Sorry, I should state that He DID bring these to people’s attention, but they were only passing references to the one true thing that I feel allows people to become successful, and to why only a tiny percent of people ever discover it.

Now if you want my explanation of Napoleon Hill’s ‘Secret’ Then Read the following post.