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Basal Ganglia and Habit Formation

Posted by on Dec 17, 2012 in Smoking, The Habit Code | 0 comments

I remember posting about the Basal Ganglia before in this post: In fact it was my second post… Well after my other post today about the Insular Cortex I found another posting about the Basal Ganglia. What intrigues me about this post is the effect of Parkinsons Disease and the fact...

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The Habit Cycle and Biorythms

The Habit Cycle and Biorythms

Posted by on Dec 17, 2012 in The Habit Code | 0 comments

The Habit Code is based on the Habit Cycle. This cycle is very similar to biorhythms. In biorythms you are governed by three cycles. The Intelectual, The Emotional and The Physical. In Biorythms these cycles are based on when you were born and a number of days between cycles. The Intellectual Cycle is 33 Days Long The Physical Cycle is 23 Days Long The...

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Cosmic Habitforce – Napoleon Hill

Posted by on Dec 17, 2012 in Napoleon Hill, The Habit Code | 0 comments

In theĀ original versionĀ of The Law Of Success, Napoleon Hills Philosophy of success contained 15 principles. The Master Mind was put down as an introduction to the whole philosophy and not included as one of the principles but as an all encompassing method of gathering the skills and tapping into the unconscious minds of it’s...

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Starting a New Habit

Posted by on Dec 17, 2012 in Health Habits, The Habit Code | 0 comments

Instead of trying to stop your bad habits, why not just start new habits that will eventually replace the bad ones. Take a healthy habit such as walking for half an hour before breakfast. If you start by just getting out of bed and just getting out of the house no matter what the weather is like, within weeks it will be installed as a habit. Will power is...

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Psychology – William James

Posted by on Dec 17, 2012 in The Habit Code, William James | 0 comments

In the Law of Success by Napoleon Hill, Hill relates back to William James. William James was a Psychologist and Philosopher. He wrote ‘The Principles Of Psychology’. He wrote about habit and instinct. Just before Christmas I ordered ‘Psychology’ (an edited version of his greater work) and ‘Talks to Teachers’ ( a book...

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